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Looking after your cut flowers – The Do’s & The Dont’s

We need water, fresh air and food and so do cut flowers, ensure your flowers are given these 3 things and you will enjoy your flower for their maximum vase life

Care & conditioning points to follow:

  1. Always use a clean container for your cut flowers, grubby containers harbour bacteria which will pollute the water and reduce flower life.
  2. Tap water is just fine for cut flowers, lukewarm water gives no benefits, but Ice-cold water can disperse air bubbles up inside the stem.
  3. Approx. two-thirds of water is enough for your cut flowers.
  4. Re-cutting the stems of your cut flowers is important. When flowers are out of water the end of the stem seals over and needs re-cutting to open up the capillaries to aid water intake. Cut the stems at sharp 45-degree angle to give a large area to absorb water, hollow stems need to be cut flat.
  5. Flower food has been developed to keep water clear of bacteria and feed the flower.
  6. All foliage below the water line should be removed to avoid decay and pollution to the water as this will shorten the vase life.
  7. Keep flower away from direct sunlight and heat, keep away from fires and radiators. A cool spot with good air circulation is ideal.
  8. Change the water every 2-3 days, ensuring the container is cleaned thoroughly.
  9. Avoid over crowding in the container as this will cause stem rot and could turn flower heads mouldy.
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